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Jan 2019

Autism and the MMR Vaccine Debate
It has been over 60 years, sixty two to be exact since the founding of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP) in 1955 in Philadelphia, by eminent Medical... Read >>

Feb 2018

Autism and the MMR Vaccine Debate Read >>

Jan 2018

The Law of Unintended Consequences Read >>

Aug 2017

Early Parent Led Intervention for Children on The Autism Spectrum Read >>

Jul 2017

Maternal, Neonatal Deaths and Brain Injury Read >>

Jan 2017

Early Parent Led Intervention for Children on The Autism Spectrum Read >>

Homeopathic Medication: Quantum Mechanics Read >>

Feb 2006

Autism Spectrum Disorder, Genetics and Remedial Solutions Read >>

Dec 2006

Reading and the Autistic Child Read >>

Oct 2006

The Treatment of Neurologically Impaired Children Using Patterning Movement Therapy
Sensory Integration Therapy for Neurological Rehabilitation using Movement Therapy in the school environment... Read >>

June 2006

Early Diagnoses for Early Intervention Read >>

Implications of Maternal age on outcomes of Pregnancy.
Causal Links to Increased Incidence of Children Developing Autism and Related Neurological Dysfunctions... Read >>

May 2006

Theory of Mind or Mindful of Theory - Brain, Mind, Developmental and Neurological Disabilities. Making Sense of the Senses
In view of the concerns being expressed from diverse sections of the medical establishment, should the question be posed as to whether a more universal approach is considered, whereby the various disciplines in medical and clinical professions combine their different disciplines in a unified approach to solve what appears to be a costly and wasteful use of scarce resources... Read >>

April 2006

Essential Fatty Acids role in neurochemistry of the Central Nervous System - A guide to remedial repletion therapy.
In the previous article "Essential Fatty Acids role on the Neurochemistry of the Brain", an overview of the role of EFAs was considered, here the remedial repletion of EFA is discussed... Read >>

February 2006

The Role of Essential Fatty Acids On the Neurochemistry of the Brain
Three singularly individual words, combined together have a profound effect on our wellbeing and ability to function as a human being. Considering each word in isolation, "fat" has acquired an unfortunate connotation that belies its importance in the neurochemistry and biochemistry of the human body... Read >>

September 2005

Neurology of a Problem - The Pathogenesis of Autism
All that is written about the etiology of autism is also true of congenital disorders of the central nervous system and/or the initial period of life of a newborn baby with motor disorder. This gives rise to an obvious question: how does brain injury give rise to a behavior disorder? Read >>

June 2005

The 3 R's: Reading Righting Rehabilitation
The ability to learn to read, the ability to learn to express oneself starts from birth on. If one is not afforded the opportunity to develop total neurological organization, the child cannot become totally human and as a result cannot communicate at the level, at which the child might have been able to, had neurological organization been completed... Read >>

Autism and Brain Injury
The case for associating autism with brain injury has been clearly established since the late 1950's and early 1960's in spite of protestations from some sources that the cause of autism is not clear to them...
Read >>

April 2005

Anatomy of a Problem - Reading and Language Difficulty
For decades, it has been well established that one child in five has serious reading difficulties. Many systems of special teaching have been tried.

In his paper "Ontogeny of Reading Problems" presented to Claremont Reading Conference in 1963, Dr Carl Delacato, Ed.D reasoned that "the process by which one attains the ability to read - the ability to learn to express oneself starts at birth. If the child is not afforded the opportunity to develop total neurological organisation, the child cannot become totally "human", and as a result cannot communicate at the level at which the child might have been able to, had neurological organisation been completed." Read >>

February 2005

Revealing Autism - The Secrets of Autistic Behaviour. Rehabilitation establishing new learning connections with Sensory Integration Therapy
Whoever has to deal with autism, whether that person be a parent or a professional, has to be able to answer two questions; what caused the syndrome and how to cure it.

In this study course, we answer both these questions in a neurological perspective. What causes the autistic syndrome is a disorder of the central nervous system, due to mild, but diffuse brain injury; We also suggest a sensorial-perceptive neuro-rehabilitation therapy for the natural learning progress to be reintroduced... Read >>

August 2004

Behaviour, Learning, and Mobility Cause and Effect of Rehabilitation
In 1953, after 1 year of working with Temple Fay in Philadelphia, Carl Delacato, Bob and Glen Doman gave a presentation in New York to the Staff of the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, which contained the following pronouncement. "It must be considered as a basic principal that, when a lesion exists within the confines of the brain, treatment to be successful must be directed at the brain, wherein lies the cause, rather than to that portion of the periphery where the symptoms are reflected. Whether the symptoms exist in an almost undetectable subtlety in human communication or in an overwhelming paralysis, this principal must not be violated by those seek success with the brain-injured patient"... Read >>

July 2004

Autism, brain injury, link to prenatal and perinatal causes
Observation of birth records of children currently attending Delacato Clinics or having had therapy for Neurological Dysfunction, showed that over 20% of those children had been delivered by emergency or elective Caesarian Section... Read >>

June 2004

Neurological Reorganization - The Delacato Therapy - Its Evolution and Relevance Today
The Delacato therapy model for the treatment of brain injured individuals, and those whose neurological organization in some way has been interrupted, has come a long way since Carl Delacato wrote and published his first book "The Treatment and Prevention of Reading Problems" in 1959... Read >>

February 2004

A Therapy for Autism - Delacato Method of Neurological Rehabilitation using Sensory Therapy
Information about the Delacato therapy for Autism. Available online, to print, or to download as a PDF file... Read >>

December 2003

The Treatment of Neurologically Impaired Children Using The Delacato Method of Rehabilitation - Robin Burn I Eng AMIMMM. Delacato Centre UK

This statement refers to the current Delacato Method of Neurological Rehabilitation as therapy for Sensory Impaired children resulting from brain injury or as a result of incomplete Neurological Organisation, and calls into doubt the assertions and conclusions of the American Academy of Pediatrics in their 1999 Policy Statement criticising Delacato Therapy (as related to Doman-Delacato Therapy)... Read >>

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