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Since Connor was diagnosed with Autism, we have constantly been looking for a therapy programme, to help his progress.

We have had success with PECS and small, home made programmes but after attending one of David Delacato's talks and reading the book "The Ultimate Stranger", we knew we had found what we had always been looking for.

We have now been working with tailor made programmes for a year and the change in Connor has been very rewarding.

We now feel much more relaxed, as we know we are doing the best for our child and whatever progress he makes, he will have reached his full potential.


We have been using the Delacato programme for the last three years with our son Joshua. Since using it we have seen a definate improvement all round.

Joshua used to quite frequently go into his own world (daydream) and it was very hard to get him back, but he does not do this anymore and is now very much switched on.

Thanks to the educational programme given to us, he is also doing well in a main stream school (with full support). It is also very reassuring to have someone at the end of the phone when difficulties arise, to which Robin and David are only too happy to help.

Debbie and Wayne

What a find! I attended a lecture by David Delacato in Bristol with a friend whose son is also diagnosed autistic. I had been to plenty of other lectures covering all aspects of autism but this one really hit me personally. My friend and I were aghast that someone was describing behaviour which both our children displayed and these are two very different boys.

Had to get the book and find out more! Read from cover to cover twice! At last I felt I could understand my son and, more excitingly, help him to learn to cope with the world.

I came away from the first appointment we had with David Delacato and his team, armed with a routine of exercises, terrified. How will I achieve all this? Will my son co-operate?

Four months later I returned to the clinic with my list of changes we noticed and a son who asks to do his exercises! I returned to the clinic excitedly and nervously - had I done ok? was all the hard work worth it? I needed a pat on the back. I got one! I returned home bursting with enthusiasm for setting out on the challenges of our new programme for the next four months


On Sunday 16th May 2004 I visited the Delacato Clinic in Cirencester. I was relieved that at last there was somebody who understood the difficulties my son was having. Rhys is 8 and is Autistic. Mr Delacato and his colleague observed Rhys and from these observations he was able to assess the programme he needed. We had a 2 and a half hour consultation. We now have a daily programme to follow which involves massage, visual exercises and speech training. Our next consultation is in 4 months and by that time I am sure we will see some improvement in Rhys. I now have hope that there is a positive future for my son."


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